Set up your Internet connection

How to install your current wireless router with a program

Before starting, make sure to disconnect the wireless router from the desktop computer, modem and the power supply.

Put the setup CD. You must ensure you are using the newest disc. To illustrate, you can get the most up-to-date version from manufacturer's web site. It is extremely easy to setup using the software. You just need to refer to the instructions shown on your own screen.

We recommend connecting the wireless router and Laptop or computer using an Ethernet cable. Soon after building the wireless network name together with password, it is possible to connect it using Wi-Fi.

Tips on how to readily share your web connection

Some other users will have an opportunity to make use of your Wi-Fi internet connection when you install your wireless router.
If you utilize a wireless internet connection, the main desktop computer doesn't have to be on for sharing. However, you can switch off the initial personal computer as soon as you go for wireless connection.

While setting up the wireless router, you should not undermine on security issues. Just be certain not to connect to unsecured network systems and your sensitive information will be safe and sound.


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Set up your Internet connection
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